Open Streets Local Route Host

A Local Route Host (Host) is an organization (or organizations) that serves as a partner with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition and the City of Minneapolis to organize and effectively hold a particular Open Streets event. The Host will have unique knowledge of the route and have strong ties with the surrounding neighborhoods. The Host will act to create and host a local event where community members along the route are engaged and active.

Potential Roles of the Local Route Host

Below are potential Host roles. Actual roles will vary depending on the applicant’s proposed level of support and demonstrated capacity. The Host may be responsible for:

  • Community engagement

    • Outreach to neighbors and businesses

    • Participate in planning committees with stakeholders

  • Working with the Coalition to develop a map of the local route that can be printed and posted online

  • Recruiting and organizing volunteers

  • Notifying property owners as required for permitting approval

  • Paying for any paid programming, supplies, or paid promotions for the event

  • Creating content for marketing materials

This type of community partnership has demonstrated success in previous and currently-planned Open Streets Minneapolis events. Examples include:

  • The Lowry Corridor Business Association acted as a Host for the Lowry Avenue North events from 2012-2015.

  • The Lyndale and Kingfield Neighborhood Associations acted as a joint Host for the Nicollet Avenue events starting in 2014.

  • West Broadway Business and Area Coalition is acting as a Host for the West Broadway event this year.

Being a Host requires significant commitment and staff capacity. On average, about $20,000 (not including resources from the City or the Coalition) is needed from the Host to implement an Open Streets route. This includes staff time provided by the Host. The Host may choose to raise sponsorship or grant money to support the costs associated with hosting a route, but will not be financially compensated by the City.

Role of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition will provide overall coordination with a Local Route Host to deliver their route as part of the overall 2017 Open Streets Minneapolis initiative. The Coalition will continue to work in partnership with the City to oversee the entire year’s Open Streets Minneapolis initiative and create a cohesive initiative comprised of unique, individual routes. 

Primary roles of the Coalition include:

  • Coordination with City staff on event logistics, permits, street closures, detours, policing, traffic control, water, and recycling/trash/compost

  • Supporting the Host in community engagement, planning, and volunteer coordination work

  • Coordination with programmers who are at multiple Open Streets Minneapolis events, in coordination with the Hosts

  • Overall promotions, marketing, and communications and supporting designs for individual event promotions

The Coalition will develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with each of the Hosts. The MOU will be used to ensure individual events meet the goals of the Open Streets Minneapolis initiative, and that the responsibilities are clearly defined and distributed between the Coalition, the Host and the City.

Apply to Host a Local Open Streets Route

Organizations interested in being a Local Route Host must submit this application. Please submit one application per route for which you would be interested in being a Local Route Host. If multiple organizations would like to partner to be the Local Route Host, they should collaborate and submit just one application.

Although a street (or streets as part of a route) must be explicitly identified, final end points do not need to be decided by the respondent in this initial stage. You are welcome to express interest in either an existing or new route.

Organizations who propose hosting a route that meets the goals of Open Streets Minneapolis will be contacted by the Coalition by the end of October to explore further details. We anticipate that there will be up to eight Open Streets routes chosen for 2017; not every route will have a Local Route Host. More details about Open Streets Minneapolis, including history, route characteristics, goals, and roles are available here.

Respondents are strongly encouraged to contact the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition to discuss their interest and ask any questions before they submit an application. Interested parties can reach Ethan Fawley at or 612-964-8902.

Additionally, the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition will host a meeting for those parties interested in being a Local Route Host to learn more about the selection process. All respondents are strongly encouraged to attend. See additional event information here.

While applicants are encourage to submit the application through the online form, you can see the application in this pdf as well


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