Street Monitors

man_bubbles!.jpgThis is the most important volunteer position! Street Monitors are the official representatives of Open Streets and help keep the street safe and car-free. Volunteers manage barricades, help keep the street open by making sure no cars turn onto the street and that pedestrians move safely through the event, answer questions, and add to the celebration. All street monitors will receive  sidewalk chalk, hula hoops, bubbles, jump rope, surveys with prizes, or another fun activity to help engage guests. Positive and outgoing people are encouraged to sign up! This is a fun way to volunteer with a friend or family member and engage a passersby. Some street monitors may also be responsible for taking tallies of bikes and pedestrians they see for 15 minutes two times during their shift. 

There are 3 shifts to choose from:

10:30am-1:15pm - this shift is FULL! THANKS!

27 Shifts Filled

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