Want to Sponsor Open Streets Mpls?

Your business or organization has the opportunity to sponsor Open Streets Minneapolis, a family-friendly initiative that transforms our city’s streets in each quadrant of the city throughout the summer of 2015.

Open Streets Minneapolis provides a unique opportunity to be part of an exciting community event that attracts people of all ages to experience their streets and communities in a new and interactive way. Our six 2014 Open Streets events drew approximately 40,000 people on more than ten miles of Minneapolis streets across the city. In 2015 we will have eight Open Streets Minneapolis events, with a total estimated attendance of 50,000.

Mini-sponsorships are available for non-profits and small businesses:
  • $100 for non-profit organization
  • $100 for business located on the street adjacent to the event
  • $200 for business located in the neighborhood
  • $400 for outside business
Benefits of the mini-sponsorship include:
  • Have table and other materials on the street
  • Be able to sell food on the street
  • Have amplified sound on the street

For mini sponsorship, please click here and complete the signup form.



Event Sponsorship levels range from $500 - $20,000. Single event sponsorships include:
  • Neighborhood Sponsor - $2,500+ (logo on website/printed materials and mentions in social media)
  • Street Sponsor - $1,000+ (name on website, location listed on map, and social media mention)
  • Block Sponsor - $500+ (name on website and location listed on map)

For sponsorship questions, please contact Alex Tsatsoulis / [email protected] / 612-568-6227


Interested in the Nicollet Ave event?
Contact Mark Hinds at Lyndale Neighborhood / [email protected] / 612.824.9402 ext. 16.


Open Streets Business / Organization Participation Policies

Any group is free to participate in Open Streets Minneapolis if they are actively moving by biking, walking, skateboarding, etc. within the travel lanes. Also, businesses along the route can opt to have their own programming on their properties; they are encouraged to work closely with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition to ensure a safe, friendly and well-coordinated environment during the event.
  • The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition / Open Streets Mpls requests at least 3 weeks notice before the event date regarding potential sponsorship.

  • Confirmed programmers and tablers are responsible for providing all equipment required (including tables, chairs, tents, finding access to a power source if required, etc.).

  • The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition / Open Streets Mpls will direct all confirmed programmers to a designated location on the street (a business already located on the street will be able to use the street space adjacent to the business location).

  • After clearing your activity with us and making the payment, we will guide you through the food and amplified sound permitting process, if applicable.

  • Food trucks interested in participating should contact the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition / Open Streets Mpls.
  • Open Streets Mpls is a smoke-free event, so we do not allow any programs that promote the use of or include tobacco products.

  • Alcohol is not permitted at any Open Streets Mpls event. Businesses along the corridor may apply for separate licensing to serve alcohol (e.g., a beer garden) on private property.

  • Local businesses can have their own programming on their properties; they are encouraged to work closely with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition to ensure a safe and friendly environment during the event.

  • On the day of the event, you may begin setting up at any time before advertised event start time. Generally, it will be fine for you to begin setting up in the grassy boulevard or the parking lane (on the street against the curb) before the event start time.

  • The street will be closed to motorized traffic (cars, trucks, etc.) from precisely the advertised start time to precisely the advertised end time. You may bring your equipment by car/truck, but please be sure to have your motorized vehicle off the event street(s) before the event start time. You will not be allowed on on the event street(s) with your motorized vehicle again until after the event ends.

  • Please have all of your equipment off the street by the event end time (it is encouraged to start tearing down at a half hour before the end of the event; you may use the boulevard behind the curb for your equipment).

  • Sidewalks must be kept free and clear during the event, and remain passable before and after the event.

  • Our city permit states that we are required to have one clear lane (14 feet) at all times during the event. When setting up, please allow space for participants to move around your activity and not interfere with the clear lane requirement.

  • If you have a tent, it may not be larger than 10 feet wide (acceptable sizes include 10 feet x 10 feet or 10 feet x 20 feet, as long as the tent does not extend more than 10 feet into the street from the curb). Please plan to not use more than 20 feet of width for your entire programming activity.

  • If you are serving food or are using amplified sound, you must be on our permit. Cutoff times for food and amplified sound permitting are three weeks and two weeks before the event date, respectively. If you have not coordinated with the event coordinator, then you are not allowed to serve food or broadcast amplified sound during the event.

  • Permitting information will be provided when your programming is confirmed.
  • The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition reserves the right to not provide space on the street at Open Streets for organizations, businesses, or individuals for any reason.

For questions, please contact the Alex Tsatsoulis / [email protected] / 612-568-6227

Thank you!