All Open Streets Minneapolis events scheduled for 2020 are
canceled due to risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How we decided to cancel all events

In April, Our Streets Minneapolis announced our plan to decide whether to hold each event at least eight weeks ahead of the event date. At that time we committed to canceling events if they pose a significant public health risk. At a time of great uncertainty, this gave us the flexibility to adapt to new information as the pandemic unfolded.

Given the information available in July, we decided to cancel all Open Streets Minneapolis events planned for 2020. Our top priority is the health of our community. We worked closely with partners at the City of Minneapolis to make this decision. Our Streets Minneapolis and the City of Minneapolis agree that any Open Streets events this year would pose a significant public health risk. This final decision was made on July 17th.

What's next?

We are hopeful that with your help, the events in the 2021 Open Streets Minneapolis season will provide powerful spaces for community healing. We will make announcements about the 2021 season early next year.

Thank you again for being part of Open Streets Minneapolis!

We look forward to seeing you as soon as
it's safe for us to be together again.