Our Streets Minneapolis, then the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, hosted the first Open Streets Minneapolis in 2011 on two miles of Lyndale Avenue South. An estimated 5,000 people attended the event, reimagining Lyndale Avenue as a space for biking, walking, community building, and play.

Building on the success of the first Open Streets Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition hosted a second Lyndale Avenue event in 2012, and added one on Lowry Avenue North. Since that time, Open Streets Minneapolis has continued to grow. Throughout the past nine years, the program turned more than 28 streets into car-free, public spaces for a weekend afternoon.

In 2019, 103,500 people came to seven Open Streets Minneapolis events spanning 15.6 miles of streets in Minneapolis, setting a new attendance record for the Open Streets Minneapolis events in a single year. The 2019 events were programmed by 700 street space hosts and powered by 323 Open Streets Minneapolis volunteers.

Our Streets Minneapolis continues our focus on community at Open Streets Minneapolis. We aim to fill the street primarily with businesses, organizations, and people who live and work within five blocks of each route.

Open Streets Minneapolis is a City of Minneapolis event, hosted by Our Streets Minneapolis. Open Streets West Broadway is hosted locally by the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition with support from Our Streets Minneapolis.


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