Here's What You Need to Know to Apply for a Spot at Open Streets Mpls

Your Spot Sponsorship payment helps support Open Streets. Benefits include:

  • Increased exposure for your business or non-profit with street space
  • Be able to sell food or merchandise on the street
  • Have amplified sound on the street

Spot Sponsorships:

  • Non-Profit = $100.00
  • Small Business Along Route = $100.00
  • Small Business in Neighborhood = $200.00
  • Small Business from Outside Neighborhood = $400

Get a $50 discount on your spot: 

For providing 5+ event-day volunteers: Each event is put on by about 100 volunteers that sign up for a position and a 2.5 hour shift through the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition. If you have a large network and can provide 5+ people that can sign up at least 2 weeks before event day to support the event at large, then you can receive a $50 reimbursement! Volunteers that you recruit only to staff your booth or support your organization's programming do not count as Open Streets volunteers - they must sign up through the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition. If you plan to bring volunteers, our Volunteer Coordinator will follow up with you. Feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions.


For providing on-street programming: Programming is any fun, free activity that is open to all participants and adds value to the event. Kids games, music, and contests are all examples of great programming. Activities like giving away samples or tabling with information are not. If you plan to provide programming, our Event Coordinator will follow up with you. Feel free to contact our Event Coordinator if you have any questions.



Become a Block, Neighborhood or Event Sponsor

Be listed as a sponsor on event maps,
day-of event guides, our website, posters, and even t-shirts! 

Contact Alex to learn more about securing marketing benefits as part of Open Streets!


Depending on Your Planned Activities Permits May Be Needed

Head over to the permit page if you will be:

  • Selling or distributing food or drink
  • Amplifying sound
  • Selling anything (including food or drink)
You will need a permit for each of these activities. More information and submission instructions can be found on the permit page. Permits are due 30 days prior to the event and all permitting fees are covered by Open Streets. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Open Streets Mpls 2016 will be Green to Go, so please also review these details and be prepared to comply with the related requirements. Here is the overall Open Streets Mpls Policies




All are encouraged to work closely with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition
to ensure safe, friendly and well-coordinated event experience.
All spots are subject to final approval by the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.