Need ideas for activities to do at Open Streets?

Here are a few to get your brainstorm session started:

  • Living Room on the Street - just bring chairs and maybe a deck of cards and people will come! There are very few chairs at Open Streets events, and people will welcome a sit-down. Get real fancy if you want with a couch and coffee table.

  • Song / Jam Circle - encourage your neighbors to bring out their old song books and trusty trombones to make music together!

  • Clothing Swap - set out some tables or blankets for people to bring clothes, jewelry, accessories to leave, take, or trade with their neighbors and event goers

  • 4 square tournament - bring a ball and some chalk and invite neighbors and event goers to participate in the longest game of 4 square the world has ever seen.

  • Telephone pictionary - bring some wax paper, sharpies and a table to see what creations your neighbors can make!

  • Knitting Circle - bring a few chairs, some unwanted yarn balls, knitting needles and call out the knitters at Open Streets Minneapolis! Skill share and make something neat!

  • Trivia tournament - people know some weird things. Find out what.

  • Spanish/Somali/French etc. language conversation group - there are meet-up groups for different languages all over the city. Bring them to your block!

  • Youth Talent Show - chalk off a “stage” and set up some chairs! Have a few of your neighbors sign up before the event, or improv it!

  • Hula Hoops and Jump Ropes - so easy and so fun. Love double dutch!

  • Placemaking! Get neighbors together to make a plan to enhance your neighborhood streets and public spaces.
    Learn more about what you can do through the Minneapolis Public Art, Public Works and Urban Design Programs.

NOTE: Serving food, selling goods, and fires are not possible for Neighbor Hubs this year due to city permit requirements.