Here's What You Need to Know about Permits

You will need a permit if you will be distributing food or drink, amplifying sound or selling anything at Open Streets. Complete all necessary permits (listed below) and follow the submission instructions below. All permitting fees are covered by Open Streets.​

Permit submission instructions:
  1. For Northeast, Franklin and U of M events, complete and submit permits to [email protected] by 30 days before the event
  2. For the Broadway event, complete and submit permits to [email protected] by 30 days before the event
  3. For the Nicollet event, complete and submit permits to [email protected] by 30 days before the event
  4. Include sponsor/vendor name, permit type and event in subject line (e.g. Acme Sound Company sound permit for Open Streets Lyndale)
  5. DO NOT submit photos of permits; only PDFs or other legible file types will be accepted
  6. DO NOT submit permits to the City of Minneapolis or Minnesota Department of Revenue
  7. DO NOT send payment for permits; permit costs are covered by Open Streets (exception: you have been specifically instructed by the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition to submit a late fee)

​Permit Details

Short Term Food Permit Application
Selling or distribution any food or drink at Open Streets, including sealed and prepackaged items, requires a Short Term Food Permit. A maximum of two stands by the same vendor are allowed to operate per permit. Click here for the Short Term Food Permit Application

Entities distributing food and drink must comply with all City of Minneapolis requirements (details on the City's website), including completing the day-of Event Food Booth Self-Inspection (see page 4 of the Short Term Food Permit Application). If using a tent, liquid propane tanks must not be placed under the tent, a 2A10BC fire extinguisher must be on hand and each leg of the tent must have 30 pounds of weight. The following conditions will warrant immediate food vendor closure:

  • Lack of a current permit number approved by Environmental Health
  • Lack of a hand washing station, unless all items are packaged or in bottles or cans
  • Foods prepared at/or brought from home;
  • Critical violations and/or imminent health hazards;
  • Lack of equipment or capacity to hold potentially hazardous foods at required temperatures

Outdoor Sound Permit Application
All amplified sound (PA system, guitar amps, etc.)​ requires a Outdoor Amplified Sound Permit Application. This does not include small stereos at reasonable volume. Click here for the Outdoor Amplified Sound Permit Application

Operator Certificate of Compliance (ST19) 
Any entity or individual selling anything, including food or drink, must complete ​an ST19 form.​ Click here for the Operator Certificate of Compliance (ST19). Detailed information on the ST19 form can be found at the Minnesota Department of Revenue website.

City-issued permits for Open Streets Minneapolis are subject to revocation if the guidelines are not adhered to. Incomplete permits will be returned. Permit information in other languages is available from the City of Minneapolis:
By participating in Open Streets sponsors/vendors agree to:
  • Submit a Short Term Food Permit Application if selling or distributing any food or drink at least 30 days prior to the event
  • Submit a Outdoor Amplified Sound Permit Application if amplifying sound at least 30 days prior to the event
  • Submit a Operator Certificate of Compliance (ST19) if selling anything prior to the event
  • Submit applications signed only by an owner, partner or principal
  • Abide by all City of Minneapolis and Minnesota Department of Revenue rules and guidelines
  • Only use their assigned location on the route
  • Save a copy of their permit application(s) for their records

For questions regarding Open Streets permitting, contact:
Nick Ray, Event Logistics Coordinator 
Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition 
[email protected]