Open Streets West Broadway!

Open Streets West Broadway

Saturday, September 11th
11:00am to 5:00pm

Open Streets West Broadway is hosted locally by the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition. 

Questions? Email us at [email protected].

Outreach Tent Crew

Tent CrewStaff Our Tents! As an Outreach Volunteer, you'll share information about the event, the work of Our Streets Minneapolis, and help eventgoers with any questions or issues. You'll also help sell Open Streets Minneapolis merchandise throughout the event.

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Zone Assistants

Get in the zone! As a Zone Assistant, you will be supporting Zone Leaders with shift breaks, answering other volunteers’ questions, and keeping areas moving so it's enjoyable for folks to travel along the route. 

Attend the Volunteer Training to get more details about your role and learn about the route. Training dates will be announced in late August.

Questions? Email [email protected].

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Volunteer Greeters

Greet the many volunteers that make Open Streets Minneapolis welcoming and fun for everyone!

You'll help support event staff with setting up the volunteer tent, registering incoming volunteers, and coordinating trainings. 

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Street Ambassadors

Street AmbassadorsStreet Ambassadors are the Open Streets Minneapolis event hosts and street safety monitors. As an Ambassador, you will be stationed at intersections or roving the street to help set up and take down barricades, keep cars off the route, and help pedestrians and cyclists move safely through the busy event. You'll also be present to answer any questions of eventgoers and assist the Our Streets Minneapolis team in measuring event attendance.

Questions? Email us at [email protected].

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Set Up Crew

Open Streets Set Up Crew

Prepare the street and help open it to thousands of people! The Set Up crew helps move barricades into place during the rolling open of the street.

Given the distance covered during this shift, a bike or other wheels (not a car) is required.

Help us make Open Streets Minneapolis welcoming for all!

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Break Down Crew

Breakdown Crew

As a Break Down Crew Volunteer, you have the important role of rolling up and down the Open Streets Minneapolis route reminding bikers, walkers and rollers that the street will be returned to car traffic at 5pm. Volunteers will also support in removing barricades off the route. Make it a team effort and invite some friends to join you as well!

Given the distance covered during this shift, a bike or other form of wheels (not a car!) is required.

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Zone Leader

Own Your Zone! Support Open Streets Minneapolis volunteers in making sure the event is welcoming and fun for everyone! You'll oversee a group of volunteers over multiple blocks of the street, ensuring that each person feels confident in their role and is able to assist eventgoers as needed.

This position is an all-day commitment and includes a $75 stipend.

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